Compassion Ministry Network



Seeking to connect those working locally in church compassion and benevolence ministry.

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, 8AM. Location Trinity Lutheran Grace Center, 2408 Cornwall Ave. RSVP to

The Call from Christ is to be responsive and compassionate to our neighbor in need.

The challenge: Every day churches are seeing the same need and responding to the same need without learning what is already being done. How can local churches get informed on what compassion efforts are already being made by other churches?

The Solution: Love INC is hosting a Compassion Ministry Network to facilitate communication among local churches in the area of our compassion efforts.

A few benefits for engaging with this:

  • Get informed on what other church compassion efforts exist
  • Reduce the reduplication of effort
  • Identify areas of need that are untouched
  • Together as the Church in the city, we can be better stewards of our resources
  • Have conversations with the benevolence care coordinators of other churches
  • Unity among the church as we serve.