“A Beautiful Change of Seasons”

Family and Friends of Whatcom Love INC gathered together on August 15th to celebrate 30 years of Love INC’s ministry in Whatcom County, and Shannon’s season as Executive Director. A quirky “Bellingham Black Tie” event, it was a joyous and celebratory occasion, featuring a keg of komboucha, heartwarming toasts, prayers of blessing and good will, and rousing (if tongue-in-cheekly braggadocios) assertions of “We Got This” as we move into this new season with confidence and joy.

“I called this work my Cinderella slipper, as it was such a perfect fit with my gifting, calling, and passion areas,” Shannon reported. “Serving as Director of Whatcom Love INC afforded me great growth opportunities as a developing leader that was very stimulating.” Identifying her first and primary calling as “missionary,” Shannon’s leadership was instrumental in helping to shift Love INC’s organizational focus from running programs to effectively mobilizing for mission. She has now followed that missionary calling and passion into her next season of ministry, pursuing chaplaincy with the Navy.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the finest people on the Board of Directors, the staff, volunteers, church partner contacts and many more,” she writes. “I have great appreciation for each of those who’ve I’ve gotten to serve alongside in the trenches. There were several people who’ve been at the top of my speed dial when I needed help whom I hold in high regard. There’s so much joy that comes from serving on a ministry team together; it is so fulfilling.”

Shannon concludes her season with us with deep gratitude and a little nostalgia. “I want to especially thank church partners and donors who support this ministry, who not only allowed me the joy of working here but empower a strategic, collaborative outreach to our community that images God’s love to our city. I truly love this mission and I’ve enjoyed every minute of serving here. I would do it all again in a second.”

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