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Whatcom Love INC joins the Community Engagement Fellows Coalition

Whatcom Love INC Director Nathaniel Kidd with Community Engagement Fellows Convener, Travis Tennessen

This month, Whatcom Love INC entered into a new strategic partnership by joining the Community Engagement Fellows Coalition. The Community Engagement Fellows works to network community leaders into cohorts for mutual learning and collaboration, and the Coalition exists to apply and expand the Fellows program, adapting CEF principles to different contexts in order to encourage learning together across boundaries and building more interconnected, inclusive, and resilient communities.


“This connection with the Coalition is an exciting opportunity,” writes the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Kidd, Executive Director of Whatcom Love INC. “It will allow us to make new connections between church leaders in our congregations and faith-based non-profits with other leaders in our community to expand our engagement and impact. It will integrate us into a network of social learning practitioners who will help us to identify and implement best practices as we seek to work together across congregational cultures and organizational lines. We’re looking forward to what we will be able to contribute to the life and thriving of our community through this connection, as well as what we will be able to learn.”


The Community Engagement Fellows program started at Western Washington University in 2015 under the leadership of Dr. Travis Tennessen, who is still serving as program convener. Periodic events hosted by the Fellows are open to the community. If you are interested in receiving information about these events, you can sign up here.