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From the Call Center: On Screening and Sustainable Compassion

We saw a huge flood of good will at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, but now that flush is petering out. While we have so far been spared a “worst case scenario” of need in our community, underlying problems have not gone away, and in many cases, have been exacerbated by this challenging time. And, we’re still waiting to see the full impact on our community!

What can we do, in view of these limitations and unknowns? In this video, Nathaniel and Heidi discuss how our Call Center helps with the screening process, helping to ensure that that all people we are helping through our churches are making full use of the resources available to them in the community. Effective screening and good boundaries help to make compassion ministries sustainable, especially needed in times like this when we’re looking at a future in which those serving people experiencing need will be asked to do more with less.