We both help and need help!

Whatcom Love INC Board endorses restatement of Core Values, reiterates Jesus-focus


It is a blessing to know that, in a world where so much is changing, some things can change and yet — at the same time — remain the same. 

At the annual Board Retreat this past weekend, the governing board of Love in the Name of Christ of Bellingham and Whatcom County recentered on it’s fundamental identity, mission, and vision by an extended meditation on core values of the individual board members, organizational values, and shared sense of a common calling and work as an organization. 

The conclusion organized ten values from Love INC National, dozens of shared personal values, and ideas about Whatcom Love INC’s future into four clear boxes: JESUS-FOCUS, COMPASSION, TRANSFORMATION, and COLLABORATION.

“When you’re working with people who are experiencing a lot of need like we are, there’s a temptation to get sucked in to just trying to meet needs,” said the Executive Director, Nathaniel Kidd. “It was a joy to discover, in this process, that we all want to put Jesus first as the ultimate savior and sustainer.”

It’s not that we don’t care about meeting needs, Board members were quick to identify: compassion remains as the second value for this reason. It’s that the center of our mission is helping to unlock and harness an abundance latent within the Church, so that even more needs can be met, and they can be met through transformative relationships. “We help churches help each other help people,” Development Director Oskar Norlander summarizes.

“We want to see Christians become better at following Jesus,” said Kurt Ingram, pastor of Roosevelt Community Church, who was recently elected to the Board. “We do this by helping congregations see and engage with needs in their neighbors and neighborhoods.” 

“Now that we’ve got the WHY,” opined board member Marlin Hendricks, “the HOW should come easy.” 

A full picture of our core values can now be accessed from our about us page, or directly at https://www.whatcomloveinc.org/core-values

 The Board extends its gratitude to David Ristow, who facilitated the retreat.