February 2022 Pulse

Whatcom Love INC Pulse 

February, 2022

[The people] were astonished at [Jesus’s] teaching, because his word possessed authority. Luke 4:32

We are continually astonished at the work of Jesus in and through our small efforts at Love INC. As one volunteer recently reflected, it’s like the Jesus Taxi is harnessing the power of the mission trip in small doses to bring the transforming love of Jesus both to those who serve, and to those who are served! 

But there’s more!

Matching Campaign: God Provides! 

Over 30 donors participated to raise $14,220, plus the $12,000 matching gift, for a total of $26,220. We are FILLED with gratitude for our generous community who supports our mission to help the local Church serve its neighbors.  Thank you to all who prayed and participated. You made a difference!

Jesus Taxi Mission Teams

We will soon be commissioning our first congregation-based Jesus Taxi Mission Teams into the local mission field. These teams represent a joint effort between partner churches and Jesus Taxi Dispatch.  Through a structured, short-term, small group commitment, these teams will heighten the impact of the Jesus Taxi experience on volunteers and congregations. If your church is interested in getting involved, contact Oskar at oskar@whatcomloveinc.org. And of course, you can still volunteer as an individual by filling out the form at whatcomloveinc.org/jesustaxi.

This is your ministry! Your support through your prayers, donations, and volunteer hours makes it all possible. To learn more about how you can get involved, check out our website (whatcomloveinc.org) or reach out to Nathaniel (nathaniel@whatcomlinc.org)

Every Blessing in the Mighty Name of Jesus! 


Executive Director

Whatcom Love INC

You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.  1 Cor 12:27