Our Model


The Call Center is our central office and a calling resource center. It is the foundation of Love INC and includes these basic steps:

  • Receive request for help. Requests for help are received in the Love INC Call Center either directly from a person in need or when a person is referred to Love INC by a local agency or church.
  • Assess the need. Trained Love INC volunteers or staff screens the request to determine legitimacy and extent of the need, and to discover any deeper issues fueling the crisis. Love INC determines what help the client has already received from agencies or churches, and ensures the need is manageable and specific.
  • Refer and connect the need to the most appropriate church ministry, church volunteer, and/or local agency and the need is met.
  • Follow up and review the outcome. Was the need met? Is there a core issue that requires longer-term attention? It also provides an opportunity for the recipient to become connected to a local church if he or she desires.

Church-based Gap Ministries – When the Call Center recognizes an area where needs are consistently going unmet in our community, we seek to coordinate a joint effort among churches to fill in that gap. Christian volunteers serve together across denominational lines to assist those in need through gap ministries.