Love INC 9th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Pivotal Kindness

We’re excited to announce that Whatcom Love INC’s 9th Annual Fundraiser Event — and celebration of 30 years of ministry in our community — will be held on Friday evening, October 18, 2019, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church!

Whatcom Love INC - Pivotal Kindness

Join us for the silent auction, dinner, live music, dessert dash and program in support of this local nonprofit and ministry of serving community members in need.

Ticket Cost: $35  FREE (Learn more) Please register by Wednesday, October 16, 2019 by using the button below, or by phone during office hours Mon-Thurs 9-1 pm. Registrations will be taken at the door as space allows.

Attending our annual fundraiser is a great way to learn more about how we’re at work in mobilizing the Church to transform lives, and to become a partner in this vital mission and ministry. This year, we’re hoping to raise $70,000 to help us launch new programs that will help us continue striving into our vision of enabling Christians to serve our community and our neighbors in need from a place of faith with informed, educated, and united compassion.

The theme this year is “Pivotal Kindness.”  We believe the kindness God shows to us to be the pivot along which our lives turn, whether we experience it directly as his saving and transforming love, or indirectly, through the care and love of those around us. As an organization, we are at work to increase the manifestation of that kindness in our community, by training and equipping Christians to experience and actualize it in their day to day lives. We are also relying upon that kindness to carry us through from our present season, and into the next!

Please join us Friday evening, October 18, 2019, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church. Have any questions, wish to sponsor or host a table? Contact by email:, or call 360.671.6201.

Redemptive Compassion Training in February

  • Redemptive Compassion Training Seminar 
  • Saturday, February 23rd 2019, from 9AM to 4PM
  • Cost $20 *Includes Lunch
  • Hosted at Sunrise Baptist Church (Fellowship Hall)
  • Speaker: Shannon Williamson, Executive Director of Love INC
  • To Register please email

What to expect:  training on how the Church is called to holistically help people in need.  This training will use Redemptive Compassion Training content in an interactive seminar style class. You will learn core principles and concepts necessary for holistic transformation; grapple with real case studies in a round-table setting with guided discussions. Redemptive Compassion Training escorts you on a journey into the humility and wisdom of loving others well.

Redemptive Compassion® study guide book offers a biblical perspective on how the Church is called to holistically help people in need. This training content was developed from fifteen years of working daily with people who are struggling with needs; it includes real case studies and applies effective principles for helping. The book is authored by Lois Tupyi and is accompanied by free online training video clips of Lois speaking into these issues.

If you find the following questions unsettling, Redemptive Compassion is for you. Why do so many of the commonly-used methods seem so ineffective in reducing ongoing need and bringing transformation? Many people are trapped in a crippling lifestyle of poverty and crisis and dependency; what causes this and why are our responses not working? How do we help the right way?

Redemptive Compassion employs 6 core principles:

  • Everyone has value
  • We are called to invest relationally in each other
  • Everyone has capacity and potential
  • Mutual participation is important
  • We must use wisdom and discernment
  • Serve in ways that transform

Volunteer Orientation For Women’s Cold Weather Shelter


Samish Way Coalition and Fountain Community Church are partnering with the Lighthouse Mission Drop-in Center to provide extended shelter for women who are homeless. The Lighthouse Mission is functioning at max capacity and numbers of those in need have increased significantly. Beginning December 1, Fountain Community Church and The Samish Way Coalition will be opening the cold weather shelter for women, and they’re looking for volunteers to help. There are a number of volunteer spots…including driving, greeting, serving meals, overnight, and cleaning. More details are covered at the required orientation/training. Volunteers will all have background checks performed.

 Anyone interested in learning more about volunteering to help during the winter months is asked to attend one of the three following orientation and training times listed below. Orientation / Training is located at Fountain Community Church** For more information you can email Rick at

 Orientation / Training Times:

·       November 8th, 7PM orientation with Mayor Kelli (fellowship hall or auditorium)

·       November 10th, 10am orientation (fellowship hall)

·       November 27th, 7pm orientation (fellowship hall or auditorium)


Love INC 8th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Mercy Triumphs

Announcing Whatcom Love INC 8th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Mercy Triumphs 

We’d love it if you could join us for Love INC’s 8th Annual Fundraiser Event on Friday evening, October 12, 2018, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church.

Join us for the silent auction, dinner, live music, dessert dash and program in support of this local nonprofit and ministry of serving community members in need.

Ticket Cost: $35    Register by Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Register here online using the button, or by phone during office hours Mon-Thurs 9-1 pm or at the door.

Dining for charity is a fun way to support Love INC and learn more about how we’re impacting lives. The goal of this evening is to raise sufficient funds to continue in our vision of mobilizing Christians in living out their faith by serving people in need in their communities. The theme this year is “Mercy Triumphs.”  We each can make a difference in the lives of others, but we can make a greater impact together. Hope to see you there! Our neighbors need us.

Please join us Friday evening, October 12, 2018, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church. Have any questions, wish to sponsor or host a table? Contact by email: or call 360-715-1175.

City Service Event – Graffiti Clean-up

Graffiti Cleanup 2018

We have an opportunity to serve the city of Bellingham on August 19th. We have a morning group at 9-11 am and an afternoon group at 3-4:30 pm (the afternoon group has been canceled). Graffiti Street clean up and sometimes helping with yard work if it’s a problem spot. This is a great way to bless our city code officers. Do you want to join us for this City Service Event? Do you have a church group, small group, youth group or family group who would like to get out this summer and serve the city through this graffiti clean-up project?

Registration required for this event so we can be prepared for your participation. Email with questions. Hope to see you there!

Register Now for City Service Event – Graffiti Clean-up

Employment Opening at Love INC

Dear Friends, Love INC is now hiring and accepting applications for the following staff position:

Call Center Coordinator
  • 20 hours, Mon-Thur 8:30-1:30 pm, $12-14 DOE.
  • Applications accepted through June 22, 2018.
  • Please submit both application and resume either in person, by mail or email; but if by mail then post date no later than June 20th.
  • Position description and employment application are posted on our website at

Better Together Breakfast, Tomorrow Morning

Celebrating One Year!

Better Together Breakfast will gather again tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 20, 2017, 7-8 AM hosted at Over Easy restaurant (next to Trader Joe’s) at 2430 James Street. This month’s meeting marks one full year of this wonderful prayer and networking breakfast for Christian leaders of local nonprofits. This event has been a great source of encouragement for nonprofit workers as it creates opportunity for unity, corroboration, information sharing, friendship and support.

If you are a leading staff person at a local nonprofit and would like to gather for networking and prayer with others, please join us tomorrow morning Better Together Breakfasts this Wednesday morning 7 AM at Over Easy.  To RSVP, please email to let us know how many are coming from your organization. Thank you!


Invite: Breakfast is hosted by A Future and A Hope Foundation. Invitation is extended to the leadership staff of non-profits and welcomes 2 people per organization.