November in the Call Center — Stats, Figures, Prayers

Despite the holiday, November in the Call Center remained busy.

We’re figuring out how to do a better job connecting people in need with churches in their community — indeed, we had a breakthrough in our internal processes that will allow us to do even better at this moving forward. In the meantime, here’s what November looked like on the old system: we were able to put more than half of the needs expressed to us in front of local Jesus people!

Praise the Lord with us for this growth, and pray that it would continue; that we would have grace and strength and wisdom to minister to the needs of all that come to us, by helping them to connect to the big heart of the Church in our county! 

Almighty and gracious Father, in this season of thanksgiving, we give thanks to you for the fruits of the earth in their season and the labors of those who harvest them. Help us to be faithful stewards of your great bounty, that our needs would be provided for, and that all those in need would be relieved, to the glory of your great name, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirt, one God, now and forever.

October in the Call Center – What we Learned

October in the Call Center remained steady in terms of volume of needs, as we look towards a busy holiday season.

As you’ll note in this 12 minute discussion of impact, we’re trying to give more attention to how we can build relationships through the Call Center that can potentially be sites of the Holy Spirit’s transformative power.

Pray for us and this work in the midst of this challenging season! 

It is only by your grace, O God, Almighty and most merciful, that your faithful people are able to offer you true and laudable service. We pray that you would send your Holy Spirit to uphold us, and help us to run without stumbling to do that good work that you have for us, and in the end, attain to your heavenly promises. We pray especially for Whatcom Love INC, for its Staff, and Board, and Volunteers, that you would empower it, as an organ of your Body in Whatcom County, would be empowered live into its calling to support our local Church in local mission, and that through that mission, many would be blessed in your name, and come to know your grace and your love through the relationships that you create through that work. All this we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. 

September Learning in the Call Center

September saw things starting to pick up again in the Call Center, with a 75% increase in call volume and needs expressed.

As you’ll note in the video, we’re excited about how God has been at work through the Call Center ministry since the start of COVID, but recognize we’ve still got lots of work to do!

While it is not reflected in the graph or video, we have been working with several women facing domestic violence trauma over the last few weeks.  Domestic violence is up substantially as a result of pandemic and lockdown stress. As you are moved, please join us in praying especially for them:

Almighty God, your Son took the afflictions of your people upon himself. We pray that you would regard with your tender compassion all those who are suffering in domestic violence situations, and enduring the trauma and the challenges associated with being a survivor.  Bear their sorrows and their cares, supply all their needs, help them to put their trust and confidence in you, and restore them to strength of mind and confidence of spirit. Empower your Church to love and care for them wisely and well. Give them grace and favor in the eyes of all to whom they are turning for help, show your mercies and your kindness to them through our collective efforts of care, and let your name be glorified in bringing them to a place of healing, wholeness, and safety, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

What we learned in the WLI Call Center in August

Here we go into Fall! Late summer things continued to be a little slow, and the trend of a lot of furniture needs continued.

As you’ll note in the video, as furniture needs have increased, Heidi’s been doing a lot of work behind the scenes connecting people in need of furniture directly with people who are in need.

Let us join in prayer for families as we look towards another challenging,  uncertain, and unusual school year!

Go before us, O Lord, in all our doings, with your most gracious favor, and further us with your continual help, that in all our work, our efforts, and our studies, as they are begun, continued, and completed in you, we may glorify your holy Name, and finally through your mercy, obtain everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Reviewing Call Center Data for July

It’s a new month, time for a new retrospective! 

Call volume dipped a bit in July, but this is typical year over year, as it seems to be the time of year that everybody is vacation — helpers and people in need alike!!

As you’ll note in the chart below, big focus on furniture this month, with a full quarter of our call volume dealing with people looking to donate furniture, or looking for a way to furnish an empty place. 

There were also a lot of “unusual requests,” although that doesn’t appear as easily in the data.  Below you can hear us interpret what’s going on, and also look towards ways the Church might plug in to help serve our neighbors in need.

Let us join in prayer for those facing uncertainty in their families because they have lost work, or do not have enough work to make ends meet in these difficult times:

Heavenly Father, we remember before you those who suffer want and anxiety from lack of work. Guide us here in Whatcom County and throughout this land so to use our public and private wealth that all may find suitable and fulfilling employment, and receive a just reward for their labor; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.