Core Values


As an organization, we are gathered around Jesus Christ, finding common inspiration in the Christian faith and Christian Scriptures, even as we represent a variety of tribes and traditions. In the midst of our differences and diversity, we emphasize praying together and learning from one another as we serve our community together in the spirit of Matthew 25. We seek the coming of the Kingdom of God and organize our common work around that expectation.


We encourage and support one another in walking after Jesus’s heart, listening deeply to the needs and challenges of our neighbors who are experiencing poverty and distress. We lean into engaging with them — even when it is hard  — and serve them by helping to connect their needs with resources in our congregations and community.


We find that holistic relationships characterized by mutuality and vulnerability, love, grace, hope, and forgiveness are a strong ground for transformed lives and the redemptive motions of the Spirit. As we engage compassionately with neighbors in need and one another, we seek to create opportunities for these kinds of relationships to be formed.


We work in the power of the Holy Spirit to build relationships, partnerships, and networks that equip local Christians for action and help us become better at following Jesus. We value Love INC as a framework that helps us come together as Christians across congregations and traditions, and forge partnerships with other organizations with whom we can find common cause.