For Churches

Whatcom Love INC is a networking organization that helps lead, organize and amplify the impact of local churches.

Jesus Taxi

Riders on the Jesus Taxi, (local mini mission trip program,) visit our neighbors who need prayer, service, material help or fellowship. On Saturday mornings, you can ride with other believers to bless neighbors in need by delivering a physical item or helping with a chore. We aim to make a relational connection that reflects God’s love. Your team will include an experienced car leader and two other individuals who work together to have an impactful serving experience. The best way to learn more is to join us.

Partner with Us

A key component in the mission of Love INC is to develop an ever-growing network of partner churches. We take seriously our role to serve, support, and amplify the church’s outreach to the community. We recognize that partnership is a two-way street, and Love INC is responsible for honoring and fulfilling our commitment to church partners.


The NNN is a published list of needs which have come into the Call Center. Churches, individuals or small groups can be aware of and meet those needs.  By responding to a physical need, you have the opportunity to engage in a Christ-centered relationship. Prayer and connection are the foundation of meeting local needs.