Board Service @ WLI

What is Whatcom Love INC looking for in a Board Member?

People who are Jesus Focused. Love INC is Jesus-first and Jesus always. Christ is our Savior, Redemption and King Forever

People who will pray with us and for us. Not by might – Not by power – Not by scheme: We operate in humility by asking for the Spirit of God Almighty to go before us

A 60-minute monthly Zoom meeting. Advisory team meetings never run longer than 60 minutes. During this time, Love INC staff ask advisory team members for advice, and we pray for the project we’re working on. That’s it! Prayer, your advice, and no homework.

A 1.5 hour Board meeting, once a month.

Periodic workgroup or committee meetings as there is need / interest; 2-3 times per year.

Interested? Let us know!