How can Whatcom Love INC help?

Whatcom Love INC works to connect neighbors in need with people from local churches who can help.

Below are some tips for frequently requested resources to get you started. But please feel free to reach out, even for items on this list!

At this time, there are two primary things we can consistantly do for our neighbors: 

  1. send a few volunteers for about half an hour to help with simple work, build connection, and pray (if our neighbor is willing to receive prayer), and
  2. share the need with our church partners. 

There are no guarantees and it can take some time (often 3-8 weeks) to arrange, but the connections we are able to make are consistently meaningful and beautiful!

We’re always working with neighbors who are looking for furniture, so we hope we can help make a connection.

Our process moves a little slow, and involves three steps:

  1. We send a team to view/photo/eval your potential donations
  2. We locate a neighbor-in-need who would benefit from your potential donations
  3. We arrange a second visit with you to pick up

The whole thing can take as much as 6-8 weeks. If you can work within that slow timeframe, let’s connect! Your furniture could be a big blessing to a neighbor in need.

We are sometimes successful in connecting neighbors needing furniture with donors, but this process can take a while. Using a local resource like Habitat for Humanity or the REstore is a more efficient option; you might also try craigslist, or the neighborhood BuyNothing groups on Facebook. Let us know if you’re interested in being on our list!

Because of the extent of the need and the high cost involved, churches in Whatcom County are rarely able to help with rent or housing expenses. Here are some possible organizations that might help:

  • Opportunity Council: (360) 255-2091 or (360) 312-3717 or
  • (Blaine only) Blaine Community Assistance Program (
  • For women: Agape Home: (360) 733-5120 then press 8, then press 2 or New Way Ministries (Lynden): or 360-354-9930

Also, here is a link to some other church-based resources

While we would be happy to put you on our list, we are usually not very successful in finding money to help cover medical bills. Some neighbors have had good luck with, or a crowdfunding initiative. Here is a link to some other local church-based resources

We do not have hotel vouchers at this time. Many churches in our community support the Lighthouse Mission as their primary form of serving those in need of emergency shelter.

We know of a few churches that will sometimes give gas vouchers, there’s no centralized process, and the amounts tend to be small. The churches on the list at often help in these cases, and might be willing to work with you

We don’t currently have a centralized process to assess and support cases like yours. However, the churches on the list at do offer emergency cash assistance, and might be willing to work with you.

Some of our volunteers have auto mechanic skills, but we do not currently have volunteer teams dedicated to these types of projects. We would be happy to put you on our list, and see if we can make a connection! The churches on the list at also might be willing to work with you to cover the cost of car repair.

Some of our volunteers feel comfortable doing the work involved in installing grab bars. Because of the potential liability, however, we ask that neighbors who are having the grab bars installed sign a waiver acknowledging that this volunteer labor comes with no guarantees.

Some of our volunteers have carpentry and plumbing skills, but we do not currently have volunteer teams dedicated to these types of projects. We might be able to help with minor issues, or assess to share more specifically with our church partners. Either way, we’d be happy to share your need across our network!