Love Stories

Your local impact to neighbors in need

Here is your local impact! You brought God’s love this month to these people in their moment of need:  A local low-income elderly couple received plumbing work; you who give to Love INC covered the estimate and a neighbor’s plumber did the work for minimal cost. A widowed mom of … Read more

Shelter in the Storm for a Family of Three

Last week a man who is a single father with two children called into our office with a housing need. Traveling up from California to Alaska where he has a job lined up, he ended up arriving one week too early for the ferry boat to Alaska. Facing homelessness for … Read more

Sharing in the Joy of Others

We are so glad to be here serving those who call in to the Clearinghouse Call Center. After a thorough screening process and prayer, we are honored to connect people in need to resources available. Through this we witness God’s compassion and giving nature and share in the joy. This … Read more

Bounty of Blessings This Year at Love INC

We are rejoicing over the many blessings, both large and small, that have passed through the Love INC office in 2016. Over 698 pieces of furniture have been delivered to clients 5 Greyhound bus passes have been purchased to help homeless clients reunite with family Auto repairs of 3 single … Read more

Darlene’s Story

I was asked to write a “love story” about my experience working with a particular individual living with financial difficulties that attended Love INC’s budget counseling program now called Budget Boot Camp.  I sat down to write this story and found I couldn’t.  Did she attend budget counseling? Yes.  Did … Read more

Wayne’s House

Love INC was contacted by Meshak, the owner of a construction company, to ask if we could assist him in a project. A man, Wayne, had contacted Meshak, asking him for help. His existing house was old, unsafe, condemned by the city and scheduled to be demolished. Among other issues, … Read more

Mary and Gloria

How do we know that the Budget Boot Camp program makes a difference? I recently interviewed two women, Mary and Gloria (not their real names), who completed the program. Mary, who works full time, said, “I came to the preview session out of desperation.” Due to medical problems (no insurance), … Read more