Wayne’s House

By Kae Unrein

Love INC was contacted by Meshak, the owner of a construction company, to ask if we could assist him in a project. A man, Wayne, had contacted Meshak, asking him for help. His existing house was old, unsafe, condemned by the city and scheduled to be demolished. Among other issues, he hadn’t had working plumbing for a long time. Wayne was hoping that Meshak could make his home livable for a small amount of money. We stated
we would help in whatever way we could. The first thing we did was contact Wayne to verify his story.

With much thought, discussion and prayer, Meshak and his wife felt moved to take on this project pro bono. He knew Wayne’s home was not salvageable and his best hope would be to tear down the existing structure and start over. Meshak began contacting suppliers and businesses to see if they would be willing to donate building supplies for little to no cost, as well as others who might be willing to donate their time and labor. Meshak asked Love INC to also help with volunteers and to arrange snacks and lunches for the work crews. Since many people stepped up and said they would help, Meshak concluded he could build Wayne a modest 720 square foot home and for little cost. From the time the old house was torn down to the time Wayne’s new home was officially done, inspected and ready to be moved in to was about two months! Most of the work was completed on five consecutive Saturdays by many dedicated volunteers. At the home blessing, Wayne stated that he never had a home where he felt he could invite anyone over let alone a new home. For the first time ever he was able to say “Welcome to my home!”

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