Better Together Breakfast, Tomorrow Morning

Celebrating One Year!

Better Together Breakfast will gather again tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 20, 2017, 7-8 AM hosted at Over Easy restaurant (next to Trader Joe’s) at 2430 James Street. This month’s meeting marks one full year of this wonderful prayer and networking breakfast for Christian leaders of local nonprofits. This event has been a great source of encouragement for nonprofit workers as it creates opportunity for unity, corroboration, information sharing, friendship and support.

If you are a leading staff person at a local nonprofit and would like to gather for networking and prayer with others, please join us tomorrow morning Better Together Breakfasts this Wednesday morning 7 AM at Over Easy.  To RSVP, please email to let us know how many are coming from your organization. Thank you!


Invite: Breakfast is hosted by A Future and A Hope Foundation. Invitation is extended to the leadership staff of non-profits and welcomes 2 people per organization. 

Love INC 7th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Uniting Hearts in Harvest 

Announcing Whatcom Love INC 7th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Uniting Hearts in Harvest 

Please mark your calendars for this special event! Friday evening, October 13, 2017, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church.

Join us for delicious appetizers & desserts, live auction, paddle raise & entertainment in support of this local nonprofit and ministry of serving community members in need.

Ticket Cost: $35    Please purchase your tickets by Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Have any questions, wish to sponsor or host a table? Contact Shannon Williamson by email: or call 360-715-1175

Love INC bridges the gap, connecting those in need to the local resources available. For the past 28 years we have had the joy of partnering with area Christian churches and volunteers, bringing holistic help to the needy. Love INC provides opportunities for individuals to help others, offering their resources in service in ways that are legitimate, meaningful and manageable. When calling Love INC, discouraged people of all faiths and lifestyles are welcomed warmly and treated with dignity; those feeling helpless are empowered to be part of their own solutions. Our clients may receive transportation assistance, financial coaching, household repairs, assistance with work-related needs, and referrals to many kinds of resources.

The goal of this auction is to raise sufficient funds to continue in our vision of uniting Christian churches in living out their faith by serving people in need in their communities. The theme this year is “Uniting Hearts in Harvest.” When you partner with Love INC you are joining together with other community members to serve our neighbors in need. We each can make a difference in the lives of others, but we can make a greater impact united rather than divided. We need your help! Come be a part of the harvest!

Please join us Friday evening, October 13, 2017, from 6-8 pm at Bellingham Covenant Church. Contact Shannon Williamson with interest in reserving a spot. Contact by email: or call 360-715-1175.

Thank you for joining us at Poverty Reconsidered Event

Thank you for joining us last Saturday morning for Poverty Reconsidered: Christ, Charity, and the Effective Helper. We were delighted you could attend! We hope you found the content helpful in better understanding how to view poverty and how to interact with those in poverty so that transformation happens mutually. Our thanks also to those of you who gave us helpful feedback. I pray that the training was insightful, informative, enjoyable and equipping! We had a great turnout of more than 150 people. I’m very grateful to the seven different nonprofits who joined us who weekly serve struggling community members. Thanks for coming out to be a part of this training event!
If you would like to learn more about the culture of poverty and how to interact with people living in a poverty culture, I recommend the upcoming training called “Poverty IQ” put on by Trudy Shuravloff of the Whatcom Dream coming up Saturday, July 8th from 9 am-Noon. Event will be held at Roosevelt Community Church 1710 Kentucky st Bellingham. Call Trudy to register. 360 319 3759. $40.00 suggested donation. Go to for more information.

Poverty Reconsidered: Christ, Charity, and the Effective Helper

Saturday, June 3rd, 9AM to Noon, Free

“An interactive seminar for people wanting to address the multifaceted aspects of poverty from a Biblical perspective. It will highlight the toxic effects some charity can have on the people it’s meant to benefit, deepen your understanding of the root causes of poverty here in Whatcom County, and then grapple with the solutions.”

Please Register Here:



Better Together Breakfast

This month’s Better Together Breakfast at Over Easy Restaurant at 7AM April 19th, 2017. 

Better Together Breakfast is a monthly networking and prayer breakfast for Christian leaders of local nonprofits. The breakfast is hosted by A Future and A Hope Foundation at Over Easy Restaurant at 7AM-8AM on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Invitation is extended to the leadership staff of non-profits and welcomes 2 people per organization. The Vision for Better Together Breakfast is to create space for Christian leaders of local nonprofits to get to know one another and pray together. We want Christ to be exalted as we make connections with other leaders in a spirit of unity, honor and prayer.  We seek to create the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with other nonprofits, learn from one another, and see how we can serve Whatcom County better together than separate.  We wish to value the person behind the position as much as seeking how we can support and cooperate with other nonprofits as we together serve this community.  

Love INC 2017 Annual Vision Meeting

Love INC 2017 Annual Vision Meeting will be held on May 18th, Thursday morning 7:30 AM- 8:30 AM at Northlake Community Church with breakfast included. We welcome church partner pastors and coordinators to come celebrate what God is doing through Love INC, meet with Love INC board and staff, review the vision and mission of Love INC and participate in brainstorming appropriate applications, services and developments.

Nonprofit Prayer Gathering

On March 15, 2017, we are inviting all nonprofit boards and all staff to join us at The Firs Conference Center, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., for a time of united worship and prayer, followed by a lunch catered by The Firs. This is a hosted lunch sponsored by a Christian businessman who is delighted to bless you in this way. Asking nonprofit workers to RSVP to or call Love INC for more information at 715-1175.

We value prayer, unity, transformation, and following Christ’s examples of loving others and especially caring for those in need. This will be a time for Christians working in local nonprofits to unite in prayer and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and seek His face to shine on our city.

Let us lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven. Lamentations 3:41