Redemptive Compassion Training

Redemptive Compassion Training

  • Redemptive Compassion Training Seminar
  • Facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Kidd, Executive Director of Love INC and Heidi Olson, Call Center Coordinator
  • Upcoming Training Dates:
  • Saturday, Nov 9, 2019 at Ferndale Alliance Church 9 AM to 2 PM

What to expect: Hours of rich training on how the Church is called to holistically help people in need. This training will use Redemptive Compassion Training content in an interactive seminar style class. You will learn core principles and concepts necessary for holistic transformation; grapple with real case studies using Redemptive Compassion principles. This content helps listeners develop an essential, internal framework of understanding how to love others well so that it aims for transformation in those giving and receiving help. 

Redemptive Compassion® training content, based on the book, is a biblical philosophy covering how we can offer holistic help to those we serve. This training content was developed from fifteen years of working daily with people who are struggling with needs; it includes real case studies and applies effective principles for helping.

If you find the following questions unsettling, Redemptive Compassion is for you. Why do so many of the commonly-used methods seem so ineffective in reducing ongoing need and bringing transformation? Many people are trapped in a crippling lifestyle of poverty and crisis and dependency; what causes this and why are our responses not working? How do we help the right way?

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