Year End Report 2023

The Future of Love INC depends on your participation.

We want to thank you for the impact we were able to make in 2023 because of your faithful support and service. This year you partnered with Love Inc and We Care to:

  • Receive 50 – 100 inquiries for help each month through the Call Center
  • Refer neighbors in need to local agencies, and pray with those who are willing
  • Dispatch over 150 Jesus Taxi (JT) visits
  • Respond to over 30 Neighbors in Need Notice weekly email (NNN) listings
  • Distribute over 800 free mattresses
  • Host two pastor appreciation events
  • Distribute over 1,500 low-cost toys through the Community Toy Store, and pray for shoppers
  • Distribute low and no-cost clothing and household goods 
  • Sign one church partnership agreement

The Future of Love INC is in your hands.

The Board of Whatcom Love INC is committed to helping the churches help. We believe in the relational work that can only be done by the Church, through Jesus. We want to help the churches of Whatcom County meet people where they are, serve alongside them, and ask God to transform the lives of both volunteers and neighbors in need.  Although lots of good work is happening, there are several requirements to remain a Love INC affiliate that are not currently being met. We can only meet them with your help. Our goals to meet those requirements are:

  1. Identify at least six church-run ministries where we can refer neighbors in need to receive relationship-based help in the name of Jesus, (Church Partners)
  2. Host a volunteer and employee-run call center, with eight volunteers serving four hours per month. 

Many churches support us financially (approximately $35,000 per year) and refer people to the call center, but the help being offered is mostly by non-Jesus-focused agencies, not churches. In November, we hosted our annual fundraiser asking for a minimum of $26,000 to keep the doors open, or $100,000 to operate at the level we have tried to maintain over the last 3 years. If you missed this event, you can view it here on YouTube.  $18,000 was raised, requiring the restructuring of staff and programs. 

In 2024 we will put your investment into:

  • Looking for local church ministries to refer needs to (Church Partners),
  • Running the JT in a scaled-back capacity,
  • Operating the Call Center part-time,
  • Employing a half-time Executive Director and half-time Call Center Coordinator,
  • Offering training in partnership with YWAM, which we hope will lead to increased volunteer involvement and more opportunities to refer neighbors in need to churches,
  • Work with We Care to meet material needs.

As we look back on 2023 and look forward to 2024 we can’t help but praise God for his continued faithfulness. Over the past three years, we had to make many changes as we rode out the effects of COVID:

In 2020

  • Programs shut down due to COVID,
  • Fundraising dwindled and taking PPP loans was necessary,
  • Full-time employee resigned and was not replaced,
  • Jesus Taxi and the NNN were created, based on church feed-back.

In 2021

  • We focused on rebuilding the budget, partnerships, and programs,
  • $12,000 was raised towards the goal of $36,000 needed beyond church support,
  • A matching grant of $12,000 was offered and matched (without which, Love INC would have closed in May of 2022),
  • All savings were spent,
  • JT program began to grow,
  • NNN was maintained,
  • No church partnerships were signed,
  • We Care became a subsidiary.

In 2022

  • Approximately $80,000 was needed to offer staff a living wage,
  • The fundraising event raised less than $25,000,
  • A matching grant of $27,000 was offered, but had almost no response,
  • Kellie was appointed as Executive Director (she has volunteered her time),
  • JT and NNN were maintained.

This reality has led us to a very important question: 

Should a Love INC affiliate exist in Whatcom County or should the resources be spent on a different ministry model?

In January, we’re asking to hear from churches about how we can best help you serve your neighbors in need, whether or not we do so as a Love INC.  Your response, or lack of response, will help answer our question. Email us here to set up a time to meet.

In closing, I’d like to thank two individuals. First, Oskar for his dedication to dispatching the JT, answering call center inquiries, maintaining relationships with church staff, and helping us adhere to our mission.  His last day at Love INC will be in late January.  We wish him all the best as he seeks full-time work and pursues his counseling credentials.  Second, Pastor Kurt for his three years of service on the board of directors. His wisdom and encouragement have been such a blessing.

Kellie Schmidt
Executive Director/Board President