Fall Fundraiser Update

Dear Friends of Whatcom Love INC,

As this year’s Fall Fundraiser approaches in just a few weeks on October 18th, the Board and I have made an important decision that we need to announce. On our promotional materials, we advertised a $35 ticket price for the dinner. In recognition and celebration of our 30 years of service in Whatcom County, however, we’ve decided that this year, dinner is on us. We will also be canceling the silent auction – although items already donated will be used to enhance the event as door prizes and gift baskets. (The “dessert dash” is still on, however, since that friendly competition has been a highlight of the evening for many of us in years past!)

The reason for the change is simple: we want to keep the spotlight and focus on what Lord is doing in and through Love INC, and not on a bunch of logistics, or a bunch of gimmicky attempts to solicit donations. The reality is, we have only one question on the agenda: will you partner with us in this next season, as we seek to mobilize the Church in local mission, serving our communities and our neighbors in need? If you are willing to consider this question, we hope that you will come and share this special evening with us – regardless of what level or what form of “partnership” you are able to entertain at this stage of life.

Hopefully, you’ve seen and been able to read my charge as the new Executive Director for the upcoming season at Whatcom Love INC, and for the local Church as represented (but not exhausted) by our partnership network. The shift in our strategy for our Fall Fundraiser is aligned with this new spirit and vision as we move into our next 30 years, and really flows out of it. Mobilizing the Church into local mission requires first and foremost that we cultivate and sustain the connections between us: catalyzing the relationships that can serve as the basis for collaboration and coordinated Gospel ministry. So, when we gather, let’s focus on that.

In the Gospels, Jesus tells a lot of stories about the right way to throw a party. We can’t promise that this will be the best party in the Kingdom – we’re still trying to learn from him – but we do think that this kind of party feels more like Jesus. God is already at work in and through his Church in Whatcom County to transform our communities and express his love to our neighbors in need. We want to use what he has given us to partner with the work he is already doing, and believe that this means making the invitation “freely,” to all who resonate with our core vision and trajectory.

In view of the free dinner, however, it is important that you RSVP in advance, so that we can have an accurate count for our caterer, and be sure there is a space at the table for you. Please use the button below, the link on our website, or search for “Pivotal Kindness” on Eventbrite. You can also register by phone by calling 360.671.6201 during our normal business hours, M-Th, 9am to 1pm.

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th!



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