Growth in the Whatcom Love INC Team

As of October 1st, Oskar Norlander has officially joined our staff over in our James Street office. By God’s grace and guidance, Oskar came to work with Fr. Nathaniel on a significant grant application in August and September. The synergy and complementarity experienced in the project led Fr. Nathaniel to extend a job offer to Oskar when the project came to a conclusion.

Oskar comes to Love INC with a broad array of skills from a background in curriculum development and adult education. He is also working part-time teaching ESL at Western. His presence is a great joy and a blessing in the office. “My large hope, of course, with my Love INC connection is to make God happy, to learn more to be like Jesus, and to commit my minutes, words, thoughts, prayers and feelings to Him as we go forward,” Oskar writes. “Within those hopes, my goals are to be helpful to the Love INC team and to learn from the Lord in how he is at work in the organization.”

In addition to working in areas of mutual interest and strength to develop training curriculum to help develop and mobilize local churches in local mission, Oskar will be helping out with day-to-day operations and culture-building, as we seek to run our office as a microcosm of the bigger vision we want to see manifest in our whole partnership network of the local church on mission.

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